How to clean and wear Men Toupee?

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Hello dear, before we have introduced how to choose the right men's toupees, I think the men who have the needs in this area have already picked your favorite toupees?

If you haven't picked up what you like, don't worry, has added new products, new base, various colors, from Size large to small, you must have a product that you like.

This summer, for men’s toupees there are two base products that are most popular, Full lace base and PU base.

So let's take a look at how to maintain these two bases today.

Cleaning and taking care of the toupees well before and after wearing can extend the life of the toupees.

Generally speaking, a toupee can last 3 to 6 months depends on how you take care about it.


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The first thing is cleaning.

After all, a toupee is a product that has already been made. Naturally, it is impossible to clean the toupee like washing your own hair. Its very easy to damage the base if wash roughly, the entire toupee is completely scrapped.

Then pay attention during cleaning.

when cleaning the hair, try to hold the base of the toupee with one hand, gently press the hair with the other hand, soak the hair then wash it with shampoo. After the shampoo is fully foamed, rinse gently with water.

If the base is the full lace, you can also clean the lace with shampoo, be careful not to wash it hardly, and then rinse it out with water.

If the base is the full pu skin, you need to apply shampoo with your hands, apply it gently on the skin surface and rinse it off with water.

After cleaning the base, apply conditioner to the hair and gently rub it. After three minutes, rinse the conditioner with water.

Dry the hair with a cleaned towel, gently press the towel to absorb the water, and finally blow it with a hair dryer. Pay attention that the wind of the hair dryer don't be too hot, the wind should not be too strong to damage the pu skin. .

This will complete the cleaning of the hair.

After wearing the toupee, you can apply hair gel to style your hair.

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When you wear a toupee, you can live normally, including bathing and swimming, but for the life of the toupee, try to avoid such activities that maybe in contact with other chemicals.

After removing the toupee, wash it by the same method as described above, and dry it to be stored.

You don't need clean the toupee before using it again, just wear it in the right way.

The above is all the steps to clean and maintain men's toupee.
Wanna try it now?


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