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Luxhairshop, here you can choose any kind of shape, suitable for all kinds of different skin colors, girls from different countries, let them discover their beauty! Create their own beauty for them!

We've been committed to helping you find the best in wigs, hairpieces and extensions. Whether you're new to wearable hair or not, our expert tips and guides are sure to help you make the right choices. Our Wig Experts are licensed cosmetologists, professional hair stylists, and wig lovers. With this valuable team we are able to offer the best selection and styles along with useful guides and tips. And, they always share their favorites with you -- tested by our staff and chosen by our experts!

our outstanding shopping experience is our top priority. We go the extra mile to bring you better images, video, and guides to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We want each and every one of our clients to look and feel fabulous. If you ever have a suggestion,let us know

Luxhairshop was founded in 1993, by Joy.

In 1992, Joy studied in Italy.

After she came to Italy, she was incompatible with her surroundings. Her hair was thin and dull, short and rough, and it was like dry grass, compared to her classmates. She feld sad for it.

At this time, her enthusiastic roommate told her, their hair was not good naturally, and even bad then her. Many people chosed local Salons, wear wigs or pick up hair extensions.

The next day, Joy found that salons store.

After 2 hours, this professional hairdresser changed hairstyle totally, add some gold and black hair pieces, she can't believe that was Joy.

But happy time ends so quickly because of high price. She needs to do double work, she can pay for these pretty hair wigs.

After she came home, Joy was tossing and turning all night because of wigs.

Not every girl can afford this high styling cost, maybe they know they could be beautiful, but the high price makes them discouraged.

She suddenly had an idea, why can't she make those hairs into wigs, make shapes, and sell them to these girls?

This price is much cheaper than local salon's.

She thought about it and put it into action to create a website of her own.