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How to make lace front wig more durable

Everyone who uses wigs is thinking about how to make their wigs last longer, and luxhairshop has given some suggestions.


First and foremost, you should know that the best way to make sure your unit lasts is to get yourself a top-quality 100% human hair lace front wig. There are several ways that you can make your lace front wigs last longer, and that’s what we’ll focus on in this section.


Avoid bleaching wig knots:

Buy pre-bleached wigs if you can. If you bring home a pre-bleached wig and the knots are still too distinct for you, you can use powder to hide the knots. If you must bleach your wig knots yourself, be sure not to overdo it and use the mildest bleach and developer you can find.

Comb your hair gently:

Comb your hair from ends to roots, and always use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. Never pull hard on the wig.

Reduce heat styling:

Since heat can slowly burn hair strands and shorten the life of your wig, heat styling should be minimized. If you must heat style your wig, use a heat protectant beforehand and keep the temperature of the heating tool as low as possible.

Be careful when plucking:

Lace is fragile, so be careful when plucking the wig. You can also buy pre-plucked lace front wigs.

Wash your wig regularly, but not too often:

 Washing your wig is necessary, but you never want to wash it too often. Washing only when necessary (one to two weeks if you wear your wig every day) will help keep your wig healthy and free of dirt. Be sure to use the right type of shampoo—one specifically formulated for wigs.

Always take care of your wig:

Taking care of your wig is non-negotiable if you want it to last as long as possible. This step will moisturize your wig, making it less likely to tangle and dry out. As a result, it will crack and reduce shedding.

Air-dry your wig:

Blow-drying your wig can be difficult. Instead, gently dry the wig with a towel and then air-dry using a cool setting.

Store your wig properly when not in use:

Properly storing your wig can help your hair retain moisture and keep your wig looking its best. If not stored properly, it will dry out quickly and look old.

Change your wig:

Wearing the same wig every day is never a good idea. Everyone needs a few wigs on hand so they can give their wigs a break from time to time. Having multiple wigs also allows you to take care of each wig when you are not wearing it.

Oil your wig:

Oiling your wig is very important to keep your strands moisturized and prevent damage from outside factors. A well-moisturized wig will also look better and have a noticeable shine.

Don’t dye your wig yourself:

You’ve most likely heard horror stories about people trying to dye their wigs at home. These at-home wig dyeings often result in irreversible damage to the wig. Conversely, if you are looking for a wig color transformation, we encourage you to purchase colored wigs.

Do not sleep, bathe or swim with your wig on:

When you toss and turn in bed, friction can cause split ends, dryness, and even breakage. In addition to this, getting your wig wet at a pool or beach may expose it to salt or chlorine in the water. These things will dry it out and make it prone to cracking. If you must sleep or shower with your wig on, wear a hat or scarf. Wear a swimming cap anytime you swim.


In Conclusion

The lifespan of a lace front wig ranges luxhairshop from 3 months to over a year, depending on the type of wig you purchase. But you can extend their lifespan if you follow the instructions outlined in this article.


The above are the suggestions given by luxhairshop. If you want to buy a wig or have any questions about wig care, please contact us. luxhairshop will give you sincere answers and suggestions.

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