Why choose handmade lace wigs?

5*5 closure wig hd lace wig

Wearing wigs has been a trendy, many customers will purchase wigs according to wigs style. These customers are first time to wear wigs, they only care of wig style. And some other customers will ask one question, is it made by 100% human hair? For human hair wigs, they are more nature and can last more time. These customers have been used wigs for many years or many times. Some customers will pay more attention on wig material and wig base, they will ask if they are handmade.

So why choose lace wigs?

First, it is nature looking.

For many years development, lace has been best material to make wigs. When you wear lace material, because of transparent material, it is nature looking, just like your own hairstyle.

Second, it is soft.

Scientific research shows that the scalp at the human hairline is more sensitive than the back of the head, so comfort is very important.

Lace material is soft and Breathable, when it touches skin, it won’t hurt your skin. When you wear it for long time, it feels just like nothing touch your skin.

Because of it, lace front wigs and closure wigs are popular.

Consider from the perspective of comfort, full lace wigs are best choice. Full lace wigs are luxury, price is high, and it needs long time to make. Because of lace material, full lace wigs will be more easily to be broken.

lace wigs

So lace front wig and closure wig keep nature hairline and touch soft, and make some changes, use machine made hair bundles on back, price will be more affordable and it can be used for longer time.

If you have favorite hairstyle or wig colors, you can choose customize lace front wig and closure wig, only few days you can get your wig.

And lace front wigs have one advantage, that is adjustment.

If you have special requirement for wig cap size, lace front wigs and closure wigs can cover it. If you have special requirement for hair density, they can cover it too.

Lace front wig and closure wig are best choice for it.

Now luxhairshop provides 5*5 closure lace front wig, it has two part, one is normal transparent lace, one is HD Lace.

closure wigs

Hd lace wigs, the hairline will be more nature, it can accept custom made too, prepare time will be 6-9 workdays.

hd lace wigs

If you need to go to party, don’t miss luxhairshop customize wigs. And both wigs have rush delivery service, if you need to get wigs within one week, just contact customer service.

And black Friday is coming, have you chosen your favorite wig?

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