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Why choose Injection toupee?

Injection toupee men toupee men wig

Recently, updated a new men's toupee, this product is a men's toupee with a full poly injected process. Compared with the previous products, the production process is more advanced and takes longer, and the actual wearing effect is the best.

According to the feedback worn by many customers, this product is so natural like real hair grows  naturally.

Therefore, once this product was launched, customers are all interested in buying.

Let us now take a look at what this product is like.


Superb craftsmanship men's toupees are all made by hand-made craftsmanship, which takes a long time and is beautifully crafted. In the past, the products usually knotted to fix the hair to make it firm, while the injection toupee hand-injected each hair into the thin PU to simulate the natural growth of human hair.

It is not easy to achieve this requirement, so each Top Injection toupee is a very costly product.

In addition, the use of hair is also very important, must meet the 9A standard in order to meet the requirements of qualified products.

Freestyle Hairstyle

It is not enough to have a very high skill and quality. After all, after the customer buys the hair, he not only wants the natural looks, but also wants the toupee to match the various styles he wants.

This means that when manufacturing products, it is necessary to strictly control the process and clarify the direction of hair, so that customers can change according to their own needs when wearing it.

Under normal circumstances, there will be a need for middle-part, partial, and all-back combing. These three models that are already on the shelves can be satisfied. But if the customer doesn't want to be so troublesome and wants to fix the shape directly, it is ok. Choose a custom made model that will satisfy all your choices.

men wigs

Natural color

The products that are now on the shelves are available in two colors, one dark brown and one black.

Both colors are very natural and fit the real hair color.

Hair quality is 9A and easy to dye.

So if you don't like this color after purchase, you can dye it yourself, as light as blonde, gray.

 It can also be dyed evenly without fading.

But at the same time, it should be noted that a hair piece should not be dyed too many times, which will damage hair and shorten the hair life.

The last thing to note is that you should be careful when wearing the Injection toupee. Do not pull the base roughly, which will cause the damage of hair on the base to fall off.

You can use glue or tape when you wear it, you can choose according to your preference and it is easy to replace.

Wear with glue and remove the glue from the toupee when replacing. When you remove the hairpiece, you need to clean the toupee, dry it, and store it in a bag.

The above is the full introduction of this product, such a good product, are you excited?

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