Black Friday is coming soon

black friday

Because of COVID-19, The world is in an economic downturn, and many regions have not started to resume work until now.

Although there are many problems, but some products are also needed, which is connect with our daily life.

Especially for girls who love beauty, one pretty wig is important. But because large people can’t work, the preparing time will be longer, price will be higher too. Start from 2020, price of wigs has been changed for many times. Many customers will stop because of price.

Can I buy my favorite wig? More and more customers will ask this question. But pls don’t worry, Black Friday promotion is coming, by that time, you can get wigs with super big sale price.

2020 Black Friday Promotion is on 27th Nov, all websites will provide big sale. For example, in last Black Friday sale, luxhairshop provides 50% off event, this sale covers all products in website. No matter long hair wigs or cheap hair extensions, they all enjoy 50% off. This event got many great reviews.

In 2019, half colored wigs are popular, these wigs are colorful and fashion.

half color wigs

Customers can match two colors which you want, enjoy customize wigs service. And luxhairshop also provides after-sale service, provides best suggestions.

This year despite the impact of COVID-19, but also provides new hairstyle.

color wigs

Black root wigs break through the technical problem of unnatural color transition in the past, Both in terms of color appearance and length appearance, they are at the top of the market. By front of wigs, it is transparent lace, it is handmade.

human hair wigs

This wig is suit for all skin color girls, it is nature just like your own hair. Blue color, red color, ginger and Gradient color wigs are best selling. If you haven’t find your favorite wigs, don’t miss this hairstyle.

One pretty wig will let your travel more perfect, No matter when and where you are, one suit wig is most important.

So have you chosen already?Pick one wig by Black Friday. Don’t miss this big promotion.

For luxhairshop Black Friday event, have you prepared it? Let's wait and see. 

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