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2020 Homecoming

blue wig homecoming

As usual, it is time for homecoming party. Many girls will choose pretty dresses, match suit hair wigs. But because of 2020 COVID-19, back to school party has been canceled, so most students have stopped shopping. Many people think wigs for party are not suit for daily life. I think, that is not right.

And I will introduce some wigs suit for homecoming party and daily life.

First, blue color wigs.

blue wig

This wig is made by Gradient blue colors, it is light blue color on top, then it will be more and more dark. You can match ball gown dresses, you will be like a princess.

For these wigs, you can wear them in daily life. Blue color is one of three primary colors, blue color can match background naturally.

And blue color wigs are suit for summer and winter. For summer, it looks cool, for winter, it can match all colors. Even you can’t show it by homing party, but you can be Ice queen of yourself.

blue color wigs

Expect these colorful wigs, maybe girls like nature wigs just like your own hair.

Some girls really like blue wigs, but they are afraid pure blue color wigs will not nature. I will introduce one special wig, it is blue wig with black root or blonde root.

These wigs are also gradient, only difference is black root or blonde root, it suit for every one, just like your own hair with dying colors. It is nature.

Both wigs have special design on colors, also for other parts. The first is the processing of the transition part of the color, which has changed the unnatural phenomenon that the traditional color wig transitions out of the fault. It was made by professional hairdresser, all wigs are handmade. When you use these wigs, you can enjoy luxury service.

Now luxhairshop offers customize colors wigs, you can make wigs according to yourself, perfect one wig only for you. And professional hairdresser will custom made wigs for you, you don’t need to pay extra fee, only 6-9 prepare days.

And all wigs have adjustment, it will match every girl.

Labor Day is coming, big sale will end soon. If you are still sad for homecoming party cancel, join luxhairshop now, pick one wig for your daily life.

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