Comprehensive technical innovation, luxhairshop will launch new wigs soon

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If you are not new to wigs, you will be familiar with wigs material. Lace material is normal on market, such as lace front wig, full lace wig and closure wig.

All of these wigs have same part, it is lace material on front, it will let hairline more nature. This is reason why customers like lace wigs.

But lace wigs also have disadvantages. Lace material is soft, when hair was added to it, it will be easy to be broken. And some customers like to bleach knots, it will cut use time.

Many customers often cause damage to the lace portion of the lace wig due to improper use of the wig or failure to clean the wig according to the correct method. Such damage is difficult to repair. The lace itself is made by hand, and the cost is high, which makes the cost of wearing a wig increasingly higher.

luxhairshop wigs has been devoted to this key issue in continuous technological research and development. Finally at the beginning of this month, luxhairshop achieved a comprehensive technological breakthrough and used a new process to make wigs.

The first is innovation in materials. Compared with all the wig materials on the market, the base part adopts the bionic pu to finally show the most natural effect. Therefore, the new process adopts the hair injection technology, which is accurate to each hair and accurately injected into the bionic pu, completely simulating the hair During the growth process on the scalp, the texture is arranged naturally, and after wearing, it is like the hair growing out of a real scalp.

In order to ensure the characteristics of the lace wig while using the new pu as the base material, we attached a layer of lace to the pu base, so that the way to wear the wig and the method of processing the front hairline is exactly the same as the lace wig.

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In addition to the advantages of the natural appearance of the lace wig, the new process wig also has the characteristics of strong, high wear resistance and not easy to damage.

The new injection technology ensures that the hair is firmly attached to the base material and does not cause hair loss after washing. At the same time, if the customer operates improperly and tears the hair, the new technology will also ensure that the hair is cut at the root, which will not affect the base material at all, and the customer can still wear it normally.

The base of the process is easier to repair after being damaged, and there will be no damage to the place of the lace wig and the entire wig cannot be used.

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