Why choose wig fix?

wig fix

For many customers it’s first time to order wigs from luxhairshop.com, they will have same questions, is it easy to fall off after wearing a wig?

In public, if your wig suddenly falls, this is undoubtedly a very bad thing.

Actually, you don’t need to worry about it at all. It is easy to wear wigs according to right steps.

First, wigs cap size, it has three sizes, small, medium, large. The size corresponds to the perimeter dimension in inches. If the head circumference is 20 to 21.5 inches, a small wig is required. 21.5 to 22.5 inches is suitable for medium size wigs. Large wigs are suitable for 22.5 to 23 inches.

When you are not sure of your head measurement, pls don’t worry. Lux Hair Shop provides adjustment in wigs, you can fix cap size by yourself.

There will be a small clip or comb inside the wig. If you have hair, tie the wig when wearing the hair or fix the wig in the mesh cap, the clip/comb will firmly fix the wig on your On the head, then you only need to deal with the hairline briefly.

wig fix

If your hair is too less, the clip and comb won’t work any more. In this way, you need to some tools to help you wear wigs.

First, you need to use wig cap. You need to wear wig cap just like to wear your hat, then use wig fix.

This wig fix is divided into two materials, one is flannel type and the other is silicone type.

The flannel type strap is more suitable for winter and dark hair. The principle is to increase the friction between the wig and the mesh cap, thereby achieving a fixed effect.

The silicone-type wig fix has the same principle, but there are some small protrusions on it. It can massage the head while fixing the wig and stimulate blood circulation. It is especially suitable for customers with little or no hair.

And after entering the summer, we recommend the use of silicone wig fix, which is more cool.

Luxhairshop.com also offers many colorful wig fixes, suit for all colors wigs.

wig fix

Compared with the traditional way of wearing wigs, using wig auxiliary tools to wear wigs is more environmentally friendly and more convenient.

The wig can be fixed without glue, and the small protrusions on it will completely fix the wig in one place without any movement.

You can follow luxhairshop.com Youtube channel, check more videos on how to use wig fix

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