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DIY masks


It has been June, COVID-19 has started to improve, more and more countries choose to lift the ban on home segregation, and more and more shops have started normal business again.

Because of COVID-19, it has effected people’s daily life, we need pay more attention to protection. Best important thing is face mask. It can protect ourselves and others too.

One normal medical surgical mask’s price is not high, but because of COVID-19, it has been insufficient, and price has been higher then normal. But pls don’t worry, today we will teach you how to DIY mask.

The first is a cotton T-shirt. As a material for DIY masks, cotton cloth not only can play a protective role, but also facilitates ventilation, and will not feel suffocated with the wearing time. Ordinary medical surgical masks are worn for four hours. With the increase of time, medical surgical masks will be wetted by the water brought out when breathing, and the effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, although the protective effect of masks made of cotton T-shirts as materials may not be as good as medical surgical masks, it is also a good choice. And it can be reused.

diy mask

Of course, if you don’t have a suitable T-shirt that can be used to make a mask, a cotton pillowcase can also be used as a substitute.

Due to different uses, cotton pillowcases have a higher cotton content than T-shirts. They have less elasticity and larger internal gaps. The protective effect is slightly worse than T-shirts, and it is not easy to fit the face. However, it has good air permeability and is not easily deformed. I don't feel sullen when wearing it for a long time.

Not long ago, a Cambridge University researcher once tested the effects of different household materials into masks. The results of the research show that these two materials are indeed the most suitable household materials.

With the mask material, can we start making it? of course not.

Life requires attitude, even if you travel with a mask, others can't see you at all, but you should show your beautiful side.

By this way, colorful scarf will be a better material. You can choose suit scarf color according to your hair color, for example, brown scarf can match fuchsia color hair, that will be fashion and popular. For blonde or some light color scarf can match some light hair. Scarves with floral patterns are also a good choice.

diy mask

Most of the headbands are made of cotton, and the size is also very suitable. It can even be used as a mask directly around the mouth and nose.

The way to make a mask is not difficult, just three simple steps, first cut the headscarf to a rectangle that covers the mouth, nose and cheeks. Next, cut the elastic rope at both ends. The length of the rope should be selected according to your own situation. Make sure that you can easily pull it from the face to the ear after folding. This ensures that the rope can be hung on your ears after sewing without making people uncomfortable.

Third, choose two points at the same position on both sides, and sew the rope on both sides. The starting point and the ending point are the two points just selected.

After sewing on one side, copy the other side as well.

In this way, a hand-made DIY mask is completed, do you have a good inspiration? Come try it out!

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