Ocean Blue color Hair Wig

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Hot summer is coming, have you already prepared suit hairstyle? Are you confused what style you need? I think, ocean color wig will be good choice.

Luxhairshop.com offers ocean color wigs now, best for your summer choice.

Many customers will have mistake, ocean color is not simple blue color, ocean has many colors, such as blue, green blue, dark green, dark blue and many special colors.

blue color wig

One Gradient blue lace front wig is most popular, it is deep wave style, copy real wave shape, color is from light to dark blue, just like ocean. And this wig is 16 inch length, just like off-the-shoulder style, it is suit for summer.

blue wigs

Except this gradient blue wig, sky blue color wig is also popular. No one will refuse sky blue wig just like no one will refuse sky ocean scene. Luxhairshop.com provides many different hair length and different style sky blue wigs, it suits for all age, all skin colors.

Some customers will like dark color hair, like green, blue green or dark green color, most of them like bob style, it is cool and simple.

These wigs have nature hairline, and they are suit for daily life. They can match many clothes, white dress is most popular.

In summer party, on the beach, on luxury boat, ocean blue wigs will let you catch the eye.

Except light blue or ocean blue color, more and more people like dark color, they will be more fashion and you should choose suit clothes.

colors wigs

This wig is classic ocean blue color wig, purple and red part just like rich and diverse ethnic groups in the deep sea. When you wear it, just like wandering in the endless deep sea.

People like ocean blue wig, not only for beauty, but also for dream of Mermaid, you need one suit ocean blue wig.


Based on everyone's own definition of marine color wigs is different, luxhairshop also accept customize color, you provide picture of that color, we will dye it to your favorite color.

People can choose purchase blonde wigs, you can dye it to your favorite color by yourself.

In the hot summer, a cool wig is definitely the first choice for wearing, even if you do not live near the beach, but trying this color may also bring you some beach, summer vacation fun. No matter where you are, you may wish to try this series of wigs.

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