How to save more money when you purchase wigs?

discount promotion sale has many customers, few customers will ask coupon code before they finish orders. Luxhairshop has many promotion and discount events, but not all customers can find their suit code, today I will introduce some tips for you.

First, newest discount code

Luxhairshop will display newest promotion event on top banner, you can click banner link to promotion details.

It’s time for Mother’s day, luxhairshop creates sale event - best gift for Mother’s day, and it shows three big code

Over $99, use code MT1, extra 8% OFF

Over $169, use code MT2, extra 10% OFF

Over $239, use code MT3, extra 12% OFF

And these codes can’t match to other promotion, they are suit for high-value orders.


Second, first order sale

When you are new to luxhairshop, it will show you one discount, it is $15, you can use it for any orders over $99, all customers can use it for one time.

Third, discount for old customers

If you have made orders in luxhairshop, no matter what orders you have made, even it is only for one wig cap, you can enjoy this discount. And these codes are depended on value of your choice.

Over $99, extra $15 off

Over $200, extra $15 off

Over $300, extra $30 off

Over $500, extra $50 off

And they all have same rule, you can’t use two or more codes, only one.

If it is not your first order, I suggest you think of these codes.

Forth, VIP discount

If you have made orders over three times, and every order value is over $99, then you will be our VIP customer. For our VIP customers, you can enjoy all discount codes, and we will prepare birthday gift or big holiday.

When you are making orders, I suggest you leave more info for us, so we can know what gift will suit you, and know when to send gifts.

vip customer promotion

Fifth, share and recomment promotion

We suggest our customers to share their pretty photos on social network, such as facebook, instagram, youtube and others, then @us, we will send them special discount.

And luxhairshop also set up Recommended prizes, if you recomment website to more people, like your friends or families, if they make orders successfully, we will send you special discount code or commission, it is up to you.

It is suit for customers who always wear wigs or their friends also wear wigs, it is best for saving money.

Sixth, tips for ordering

Luxhairshop has shipping policy, all orders over $80, enjoy free shipping. But some products price is around 70-79, if you only purchase one product, you also need to pay extra $20 for shipping fee. You can choose one products which price value is low, such wig cap, hair tape, even wig fix.

wigs tool

Seventh, New product guide

Many customers would like to see newest wigs through luxhairshop, you can click color collection, this collection is created by time, all new wigs will show you.

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