Christmas is coming

christmas Merry Christmas

Christmas holiday is approaching, are you ready for a great holiday? A good look is indispensable in a good holiday, and whether it can keep up with fashion trends is of utmost importance.

And for a fashionable look, hairstyle is the top priority. A good hairstyle can not only highlight the temperament of facial features, it can also be combined with good-looking clothes to make people shine.

In this Christmas once a year, once again developed and updated several new products, come and take a look at these new wigs!

The first is the ombre color from top to bottom.

ombre wigs

Ombre color wig never goes out of style, especially light colors mixed with dark ombre color, the products have been on the market and are very popular.

Brown ombre silvery white and gray ombre silvery white, these two models are suitable for almost anyone to wear, the hairline is natural and the dyed part is even. Little bit silver has winter silver-clad plain wrap exquisite.

Mention christmas, there are two more colors that I have to mention.

green color wigs red color wigs

Red and green.

These two colors are undoubtedly the colors with the most Christmas atmosphere. The best-selling green this year is lime green, the product not only has a festive atmosphere, there is a sense of freshness after wearing. Curly makes wig look fluffy. The shorter length will not affect the matching of clothes. This wig is definitely the first choice for travel photography during the Christmas holidays.

This year’s best-selling product is undoubtedly the red wig in alternating colors. The wig is improved on the basis of half red & half black, add another color to the solid color section. After wearing it, comb it out, and you can get a black and red effect. It can be worn in daily life, and can also be worn to participate in various dances and parties. If you like an atmospheric and fashionable dressing style, you can match it with a black long dress or a red short skirt.

After talking about common colors, purple is also very popular this year, violet wigs are very popular this season, and the following two are the latest violet Bob wig.

The short bob shape is very suitable for matching with all kinds of clothes, the curvature of the deep wave means that it has a fluffy effect, and it can highlight the youthful and beautiful breath after wearing it.

purple bob wigs

Another straight hair violet wig is obviously another completely different style, the straight hair style is more fit, soft and shiny, and it looks like your own hair after wearing.

The above-mentioned products are all new products of this season, which have been launched and are well received by customers. In addition, also has special Christmas activities. During the event, anyone who orders wig in luxhairshop can use the code to enjoy a 20% off discount.

At the same time, there are a large number of exquisite small gifts to give away for free.

Have you found your favorite wig? Are you ready to wear the most beautiful wig during the Christmas holidays, and customize the most fashionable and trendy looks? Come to luxhairshop and choose your wig!

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