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A few small suggestions on choosing wig.

Having a stylish and beautiful hair style is a very important thing, smooth and beautiful hair is combined with exquisite clothing and fashion accessories, it can add a touch of color to your overall appearance and charm. However, the price of getting praise from others is that your original natural hair will be corroded by various chemical agents. Therefore, it is very important to choose a human hair wig.

They are safer and more convenient, and it allows you to carry different hairstyles while keeping your hair intact, you can even change the hair color at any time according to different fashions.

So what do you need to consider when choosing wig? has carefully prepared a few tips for customers.

The choice of wg is very important, as a long-term investment,
the first thing you have to choose is a wig that looks like a human wig after wearing it. Some wigs don’t look like wig, because they look very natural. The wig have different colors, you can choose according to your dress, when you feel that it doesn’t fit your clothes, you can replace the wig.

So what should you pay attention to?

The first is the hair type:

The first thing you need to consider is the type of hair to make the wig. Generally, there are two different types-chemical fiber hair and human hair. Chemical fiber hair belongs to pure artificial wig, cheap price, any length and color can be customized. Human hair is the exact opposite.

However, human hair wig looks more natural and supple, and the color does not appear very abrupt.

At the same time, human hair wig also have the incomparable advantages of chemical fiber wig, that is human hair wig has many kinds of hairstyles, such as straight hair、curly hair、curly hair and wavy hair. After you receive the wig, you can also heat it according to your preferences to make curly hair、straight hair、wavy hair, etc.

Secondly, choose the color carefully:

There are many colors of wigs for you to choose. Choose the one that contrasts sharply with your skin tone. Many people choose wigs that are not suitable for them because the color they choose cannot match their personality and style. If you want to look natural and real, please choose natural color human hair.

ombre wigs

green color wigs

Then the size of the wig:

It is important to choose a wig that suits your head shape. You don't want to end up with a wig that looks pretty and stylish but doesn't fit your head. Before buying a wig, first measure your head circumference, see if you can buy a suitable wig. Too tight wigs or loose wigs make you feel very uncomfortable, easy to fall off after wearing. Therefore, the proper size is very important.

Choose the correct base type:

The structure of wig base is also one of the things you need to consider. Lace front wig is composed of a boundary structure such as the front lace and machine made weft back, you can divide and comb the lace part at will, but pay attention to the handling of the position of the dividing line.

360lace wig is composed of a circle of lace on the outside and machine made weft on the top, there is a clear dividing line, but it can be used for complex shapes such as pony tails.

Full lace wig is composed of lace and stretch lace top, there will be no clear dividing line. It is more adaptable to many complicated shapes, but the cost is more expensive.

full lace wigs

Choose a suitable length:

You can choose a long wig or a short wig according to your requirements and choices. You should also consider the climatic conditions in your area. Before choosing a wig, you should also consider your lifestyle. Ask yourself, if you choose a long wig, spend longer styling your long hair, and your daily dressing style suitable for long hair?

If you are keen on pursuing fashion, wigs are undoubtedly a good investment, but before choosing a wig, please make sure to follow these points, this can help you find the right wig as quickly as possible.

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