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In today's era of fast paced life, convenience is what everyone pursues. Even wearing wigs, customers want it to be more convenient and easy to wear. Therefore, luxhairshop after a series of market research, launch a new series of wig, no need to use glue and hair tape, and don't need to go to the salon to find a hairdresser to design and wear, it doesn’t take too long to wear wig with one click ——headband wig.

This type of wig is different from the combination of traditional lace and machine made weft weaves, due to the need to wear a headband, therefore the entire wig is composed of a black headband and hair items at the back, the size of the wig cap is the same as the normal wig, the bandage is elastic, this characteristic ensures that the wig can be applied to various head circumferences.

When wearing only need to fix the bandage at the hairline, can also slightly expose your own hairline to make it more natural after wearing. Without any treatment of wig hairline, it is convenient and fast and can be worn in only a few minutes.

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In addition to these advantages, compared with the traditional one-click wearing wig, for example the better part of the hat wig is that the headband wig itself is a black bandage, you can wear bandage in any other colors and styles according to your preference, the price/performance ratio is very high.

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Luxhairshop's headband wig is made of 100% human hair, the effect after wearing is like your own hair.

Hair colors are diverse, based on the common daily black, gold, brown and the mixed colors of these colors, the color series currently have wine red and dark red. In addition to the color wig's curvature is also very rich, a series of curvature such as straight hair, body wave, curly, Yaki and kinky can be selected.

Made of human hair, after receiving the product customers can reshape it according to their preferences, it won't tangle and lose hair like other headband wigs on the market. If the customer is not satisfied with the color of the wig after wearing it for a period of time, can also choose a suitable color for secondary production.

If choose DIY color should pay attention not to make it more than twice, hair that exceeds the number of changes may break due to over processing.

Many people also care about one thing, when wearing a traditional wig, if the wig is damaged, it can be repaired, so can headband wig?

Customers can rest assured of this, whether the bandage is broken, or hair loss, insufficient density and other problems, can be modified and patched.

Similarly, luxhairshop also accepts customer customization services, if the size you need is larger than the normal sale, we can also make a larger size headband wig for you for free.

Luxhairshop also has many types of bandages for customers to choose from.

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Bandages are divided into two categories, one type is pure elastic cloth material, there are a total of nine patterns that can be matched at will. There is also a diamond-encrusted issuance card, with a total of three colors for customers to choose from.

If customers have other styles they want on this basis, luxhairshop can also provide purchasing services.

New products are currently on the market, the luxhairshop activity is in full swing, customers who buy headband wig now can also get two pure elastic cloth hairbands or a diamond-encrusted hairpin at random.

Have you taken action on this product? Come and choose your favorite headband wig!

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