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It is September now, hot summer has been passed. Customers who has chosen customize wigs have got their favorite wigs, and shared them on social network, what about you?

Natural hairline, soft and beautiful design, dazzling colors, all things catch people’s eyes.

Let's see what are the most popular wigs from luxhairshop of this quarter?

Black & red wig.

This type of hair wigs are suit for all events, you can style it to match different position, it is super popular for hot party. And many students choose these wigs for homecoming party.

The gradient red wig is similar to above wig.

This wig has less curvature, thicker density, it is also suitable for daily life. The professionally treated hairline is particularly natural, it's like your original hair.

And short length are different with long length, if you wear wigs for long time, but you don’t want to change it, you can choose cut hair length, it will be one great choice.

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Except red color wigs, what other colors do you want? Maybe blue or green color?

The short blue body shape perfectly sets off the wearer's temperament, at the same time it avoids the trouble of hot caused by long hair.

The combination of black and green is also very meaningful, visually it not only has a refreshing smell, not a cliche, lead the fashion trend.

In the leftmost picture, the customer also performed a simple color treatment before the pallet, several common colors have been added, give it a gorgeous gradient color shape, more gorgeous. With specially designed eye makeup, it’s simple and easy to control dances and other occasions. if you like to design it by yourself, do not miss this wig!

green blue wigs

There are two choices of warm and cold colors. In addition, silver and gold wigs are also favorite objects of customers.

Dark hair roots with lighter blond or silver hair, it looks both playful and cute, the makeup looks suitable for matching are also varied, it is an indispensable necessity in daily life.

Customers can also style at will according to their mood, if you don’t like the shape of the body shown in the picture, straight hair and curly are also a very good choice.

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The above are the most popular products at this quarter. Which one do you prefer? If you have a favorite color and shape, you can leave comments below, luxhairshop accepts customize wigs, just provide the picture of your favorite product, then luxhairshop can make a wig with 100% similarity for you. The back to school activity is currently underway, hurry up and choose your favorite wig.

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