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Is it necessary to use conditioner to care wig?

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This problem basically puzzles everyone who uses wig, it's enough for them to use shampoo to clean wig, but people who sell wigs often tell them to use conditioner. Is conditioner really that important?

Answer: Yes.

Using wig usually has two major problems, hair dries and falls off.

These two problems are inevitable for wear wig. Therefore how to alleviate and deal with this problem is very important.

The use of conditioner can effectively solve these two problems.

The first is the problem of hair loss, because wig is handmade,
hair loss is inevitable, the use of a comb undoubtedly exacerbates this situation. Hair conditioner has the function of lubrication, after application the tangled part will be untied automatically, then comb the wig with a comb,it can reduce the hair loss on wig.

Moreover the hair will not generate static electricity when being combed then become irritable.

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Second, hair conditioner often contains essential oils and other components.

Hair contains a certain amount of natural oil, it can moisturize and keep hair healthy.Once made into wig, its own nutrients will continue to drain, therefore it will gradually become dull without luster with the passage of time.

Washing the hair itself will peel off the natural oil of the hair, make hair dehydrate faster, if you are used to cleaning more than 5-7 times a week, this falls within the scope of over cleaning. Wig will lose a lot of water, and it becomes dry and easy to break in a very short time.

The essential oil in hair conditioner will supplement wig lost essential oil, to keep hair healthy, soft and free from dirt or damage.

Take the wig sold by as an example, all wigs sold by are 100% human hair wig, when making wig we will pay attention to the loss of nutrients such as water, oil and so on. Wig will be curing treatment before delivery,use essential oil to nourish hair.

And that's why, the wig of is usually extra soft,

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Many customers will ignore their own maintenance of wig. They will clean the wig after receiving it, but no maintenance and care for wigs.

Although there is not much difference in appearance, but over time,the service life of wig will be shortened.

If you buy a colored wig, this situation will only become more serious.

Due to the use of dyes, wig will lose water faster, when was sold the care was not enough to support wig to keep moist and full for a long time. At this time, the use of conditioner is particularly important.The way to choose conditioner is also very simple, just choose the flavor you like,
and with essential oil ingredients.

It's not easy to keep your appearance bright every day, it is a battle that every person with wig has to face every day. But, if you find the right way to use hair care, you can save at least half of your time.

Using conditioner is undoubtedly a very good choice, which can prolong the service life of hair and make your use experience more fine.

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