How to extend the life of a wig

wig clean

100% human hair wigs are expensive then other wigs, because it is more soft and natural. So many customers will have same question, how to keep wig for longer time?

As usual, using time is longer then synthetic hair wigs. It can be used over 6 months. If you take care your wigs just like your own hair, you can use it for 12 months. But if not, this wig can be used only one month.

If you choose wave style wigs, it’s using time will be less then straight style wigs. When you take care of wigs, pls pay more attention to be moisturizing. If not, these wigs will be easy to be dry.

Colorful wigs also need to keep moisturizing, at the same time, pay attention to the possibility of breakage of the wig hair. Chemical substances such as dyes can destroy the structure of the hair. The more bright colors, such as blue, green, purple and red, they will get more destroy. Therefore, luxhairshop usually advise customers not to continue color processing on the basis of this color wig, which is not beneficial to the service life of your wig.

If you don’t have above issue, take care wigs will be more easy.

First, keep wigs clean.

As usual, people who choose regular wigs will use then for daily life, so keep clean is very important. No matter hair tape or glue, when cleaning, be sure to use a solvent to completely remove the residues of these adhesive substances. It is very important.

And, try to avoid wig exposure in the sun. It will lead the loss of moisture in the hair, and it is more likely to change the color of the wig, which will lead to the aging of the hair.

The last thing to note is that when using wig, try to use a comb with a larger spacing to comb, or use your fingers to comb the wig directly, which can effectively reduce hair fall.

If you use lace front wigs, you can exchange new clips. As usual, wigs in luxhairshop are glueless, you can wear them without clips. But if you need clips, pls don’t forget exchange them.

After great care, one wig can be used for long time, do you have other questions of it? Just show us your opinion.

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