How to use Wig Tape?

wig tape

Wig tape is a double-sided medical tape that can be used safely on the skin. According to different sizes and shapes, it can be divided into curved, rolled and perforated strips.

Under normal circumstances, if the wig is a pu base, you can add a little wig tape to it to ensure that the wig will not be deformed even in high winds.

wig tape

If your wig is not pu base, but you also want to use tape, you can sew one pu piece on it, then use tape, it can fix wig.

But how to use wig tape in right way?

1. when you use hair tape, pls make sure it is clean and no hair. In this way, hair tape won’t touch your hair, stick to your skin correctly.

2. Cut the wig tape into small pieces as needed to cover the part to be fixed. The position of this is not fixed, you can choose according to your needs.

3. when you are ready for wearing, pls wear it slowly, avoid sticking the tape on the hair

4. after adjusting the position, you can apply pressure to the position of the tape to make it fit completely on the skin.

As usual, you can use hair tape for one week, if peeling or allergic reaction occurs during the process, the tape needs to be replaced in time.

wig tape

Of course, just learning to wear tape is not enough, you also need to know how to remove the tape.

The removal tape cannot be torn off directly from the scalp. This will not only damage the wig, but also your scalp. Therefore recommends that you use a special glue remover or alcohol when removing the tape.

Use a cotton ball and gently wipe along the hairline where the tape is located to release the adhesion. Lift the wig slowly until the tape loosens easily.

If the tape sticks tightly, don't remove it forcibly. Continue to wipe it with glue or alcohol until it becomes loose.

After removing the wig, use alcohol to remove the remaining tape on the skin. Because alcohol is dehydrating, it is recommended to wash and moisturize after cleaning to avoid damage to the scalp.

Adhesive materials such as adhesive tape on the wig are also treated with alcohol and other substances. After the surface is smooth, wash the wig and dry it. If the wig is wet, it is not recommended to use tape again in a short period of time. Make sure that the surface is smooth and dry before use, so that you can get the best wearing effect.

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