How to wear 360 wigs?

360 wigs

In previous articles, luxhairshop introduces tip on wearing lace front wigs and full lace wigs. Both wigs are most popular. 360wigs are also famous. This wig style combines the advantages of lace front wig and full lace wig, it is cheaper then full lace wigs. If you like Ponytail style, don’t miss it.

360 wigs are created by one circle lace material, Mechanism hair weave in middle part. Board part is 4 inch, one circle length is 22.5 inch, it is medium cap size.

Wearing method is same as full lace wig, only little difference.

First, it will be different to use clips. If your own hair is thick, or you don’t like wig cap, you can use some clips to fix your wig just like lace front wig. IF not, you can remove clips, use glue or hair tape to fix wig just like full lace wig.

After decided wearing method, now you need to take care of this wig.

As usual, wigs from luxhairshop, you only need to make a little bleached knots. If you want some special requirement such as pre-plucked, you can request it. Only extra customize fee, you can receive service from professional hairdresser. If you always wear wigs, it will be easy.

Prepare tools and materials needed for bleaching and dyeing (brushes, bleaching powder, hydrogen peroxide). Spread the bleaching agent evenly on the lace, let it stand for 5-10 minutes, and then wash it off with water. After drying the wig, you can start wearing it

bleached knots tips

Next, it is pre-plucked hairline.

If you want thick hair style, you can ignore this step. Wigs from luxhairshop don’t need this step, they will solve it, you can wear it directly.

In order to make the wig completely invisible, you can apply a foundation of the same skin color to the lace before wearing it. After this treatment, the wig is as natural as your original hair.

Most people who wear 360wig usually want to make ponytail style, they need to fix all the surrounding circles with glue. After the glue is completely dried, the excess lace can be cut off.

tips for wearing wig

After finishing all steps, wearing 360 wig has been finished. You can add decorations to the wig according to your own preferences. And there is no need to take it off for bathing and sleeping.

Summer is approaching, and it is a good time for a beach holiday. Use 360 wig to make a beautiful ponytail look. Are you excited?

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