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Five misunderstandings on wearing wigs

wash wig wear wig wig clean wigs 3rd anniversary promotion has been opened, more and more customers choose’s hair wigs, and luxhairshop also got many feedback.

During the process, some problems have been happened and affected life time of wig.

Following are some simple problems.

First, when you comb hair you can’t start from the root of wig.

Some customers told us, after few times, hair will be falling down from wig. After asking some customers, we got answer, they always comb hair from root wig, it will cause the knots near the lace and mechanism shading to become loose. If hair is dry, it is possible to tear the wig from the root.

The correct method is to hold the root position and comb from the top to the bottom from an inch of the root. If you encounter tangles, do not comb directly, but need to manually untangle the tangles and then go down.

comb hair wigs

Second, use conditioner can not start from the roots.

Conditioners have the function of making hair soft and tangles open. When making a wig, the method of fixing the hair on the lace is also knotted with hair. Conditioner loosens knots, increasing the chances of hair falling out.

The correct way to use it is to apply conditioner to the hair two inches from the base. It can ensure the suppleness of the hair, and will not cause the wig to fall off.

care your wigs

Third, do not dry it with hot air after cleaning the wig.

It is necessary to wash the wig from time to time, otherwise the growth of bacteria will make the scalp disease and affect your own hair.

However, the frequency of cleaning wigs should be maintained at a certain frequency. Too high a frequency will cause the hair to lose excess moisture. Wig cannot rehydrate, and once water is lost the wig becomes dry. Hot air drying with a hair dryer after washing will undoubtedly increase moisture loss. In order to avoid the short service life of the wig, it is best to let the wig dry naturally in the shade after washing.

Fourth, the curling time is too long.

Curling hair for too long can also cause a lot of moisture loss in the wig, which usually leaves the hair dry enough to wear after the curl. Therefore, the curling time should not be too long, and at the same time, pay attention to spraying water when curling, as an auxiliary to help wig styling.

curl hair wigs

Fifth, the bleaching and dyeing of the hair is carried out at the hair.

Lace itself will not be oxidized by the bleaching agent, so the processing of the buckle must be processed from the base, and the time can be controlled within 10 minutes. This will effectively prevent the bleach from contaminating the rest of the hair.

If you don't take this method, there is a high chance that your hair will be bleached to the point of breakage.

These are five common questions, do you have more questions about wig? Please leave us a message below.

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