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Two ways to use the hair wefts

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Before introducing the usages of hair wefts, let's learn the basic information of hair curtains. What we usually call hair weft is the hair that has been specially processed by machines. So some people call it machine made weft, and others call it hair weft, or hair extension. The length of hair wefts are from 8 inches to 30 inches, usually weigh 150 grams, and are the basic part of the wig.

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So how can we use hair wefts?

Today I will introduce to you two of the more common ways to use hair wefts.
The first way is to assemble the wig with the hair wefts. After the customer gets the hair wefts, match it with 13*4 frontal or 4*4, 5*5 closure. When we assemble them, put the lace frontal on the front, and then sew to the hairnet. From the net cap, a large part of the back is elastic net. There are traces of assembling hair wefts on the elastic net. The lace part is combined with the elastic net part, and the hair wefts are also arranged in sequence and sew to the hair net. Eventually these parts are assembled into a wig. The role of the lace part is to be more realistic.

Lace accessories are generally matched with 2-3 hair curtains to process the wig. Of course this is also according to your own needs. Some people like thick, so they need to match a few more hair wefts. The assembled wig can be dyed or styled as you like. I think it's very fulfilling to make a wig that is just for myself with the hair wefts, what do you think?

Another method is to use the hair wefts directly as an extension. This usually needs to be done by a professional at a barbershop. First deal with the hair, and then sew up the hair wefts. So it can achieve the purpose of lengthening or thickening hair. You can choose the length, color and shape of the hair drape you like. However, you need to pay attention to the hair extension. The outermost hair should cover the inner hair. If it is exposed, it will not be very beautiful.

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These two methods are suitable for customers with different needs. The first one is suitable for those who do not have hair or whose hair is relatively thin. The second one is more suitable for people who have hair, but the original hair is relatively short. There are also many kinds of hair wefts on our website, from natural black straight hair, blond curly hair, as well as some combinations of wefts and lace frontal.

Would you buy the hair weft separately and make a wig by yourself? Which of the two methods do you think is used more frequently? Which one would you choose?
Feel free to send us a message and let me know what you think.

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