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Gradient wig, the best gift for Christmas in 2022!

christmas Merry Christmas

The 2022 Christmas holiday is coming, have you prepared your hair wigs for Christmas Party?

Luxhairshop has launched a series of ‘Christmas tree wigs’ with beautiful and bright colors in previous Christmas activities. The combination of red and green matches the festive atmosphere, adding excitement to this cheerful festival.

This year, luxhairshop also prepared special hair wigs for Christmas Day, it is Gradient wig.

The following three wigs are crazy recommended in this issue.
The perfect combination of gray brown and iced blonde, together with the fashion sense revealed by the smooth curve of body wave, makes this wig very popular among customers.

This wig is definitely the gospel for long hair lovers, no matter what style of clothing it is matched with, it can be perfectly combined. I believe that no one will refuse a wig with a bright color in the sun.

ombre color hair wigs

Of course, if you like straight hair style, I think this dark gray and iced blonde color gradient long straight hair wig can definitely meet your needs.
This is also the second wig recommended in this time.

Long silky hair allows you to adorn it however you like. Hair color that is almost the same as snow allows you to lead the winter fashion.

What's more, the straight hair wig can also meet your random styling needs, and the curvature of the hair itself will not have any influence on your whim. This is very friendly to wig novice.

silver color hair wigs

Of course, not everyone likes wig with long hair, so the bob wig combined with pink and silver is undoubtedly the most suitable for you.
This wig has two styles of straight hair and body wave, you can select what you want. The pink color at the tip of the hair adds a touch of bright color to the original single color wig.

If you are a person who likes to choose different makeup looks for yourself, this wig is definitely your first choice! The simple gradient color perfectly presents the highlights of the hair, and the delicate makeup will not look very cumbersome. Short hair lovers do not miss this wig.

In the same way, the gradient of purple and silver has the same effect.

bob wigs

In addition, luxhairshop also has many gradient color wigs in other colors, purple and pink, brown and yellow, blue and purple, gold and indigo, etc. There is always one that can satisfy your requirements. Which color do you like better?

colorful hair wigs

The Christmas promotion is currently in full swing, and you can get a discount of up to $40. Come and choose your favorite wig!

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