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How can we get the favorite wig without enough budget?

set hair t part

Spring is coming, and the temperature is gradually rising, many people have changed their dressing styles, and wig matching is also essential. Just a good 100% human hair wig is expensive, what should I do if I want to match a stylish wig but don't have enough budget?

Don't worry,'s t part wig and set hair can help you solve this problem!

T part wig means that the front lace is in the shape of a letter T, the horizontal length is 13 inches, the width is 1 inch, the depth at the middle score part is 2 inches, and the width is 1 inch.

T part wig can perfectly adapt to all kinds of middle score modeling, the wearing effect is exactly the same as the common wig with a larger lace are, at the same time the price is lower, and the price of individual style wigs can be half the price of large-area lace wigs of the same size.

preplucked wigs

This type of wig can also be customized in color and style, and interested customers can come feel free to shop.

This type of product is not just a wig, but a combination series. Set hair contains 3 bundles and a closure or frontal, which can also be seen as unstitched lace front wig and closure wig.

hair bundles with closure

Wear it in combination, and the appearance is the same as that of wig, people who often wear wig have experience, you can leave a lot of processing costs.

At the same time, you can also sew the wig according to your own preferences.

Bundles must be familiar to everyone, the hair types of this product have been introduced before, and now I will not repeat them one by one.

The closure is square, and the common size is 4*4”, it is used in the middle of the front of the head, after all it is suitable for customers with less hair in the middle and denser hair on both sides.

The hairline naturally has baby hair, the transparent lace base, yes, there is no trace at all when worn.

Clips can also be sewn according to customer needs for fixing products.

The frontal is mostly 4*13", covering the entire hairline from sideburns to sideburns, when wearing and handling this product again, it is the same as wearing the lace headgear before, after cutting off the excess lace in the front, fix it with glue. Like closures, clips can be sewn to the customer's request for securing.

Transparent lace, natural hairline, there is no trace at all when wearing it.

The combinations that is launching now are: a 22" closure + 3 sizes are 18" 20" 22" hair bundles.

The length of these two combinations is about the back position, because bundles of different lengths are combined, after wearing it your hair will well-proportioned, with a sense of hierarchy, look thick and natural without wearing more hair.

Which of the two types do you prefer? Come and try it!

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