How to hide your own hair when wearing a wig?

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Many people wear wigs to try more complex and beautiful looks on the premise of protecting their own hair. However, putting on a wig is not as simple as simply putting it on your head! For people with longer and thicker hair, how to hide their hair perfectly under the wig, at the same time protection from being damaged is a vital thing.

First you need to understand a few key steps.

  1. Wear a wig cap.

Wig cap can protect the hair from the damage of wig, and keep the hair fixed while hiding under the wig!

  1. Never wear a wig on wet hair

Before wearing a wig, you need to make sure your own hair is completely dry, otherwise the humid and warm environment will breed a lot of bacteria, under the condition of average air permeability it will seriously damage your scalp and hair.

  1. Clean and condition your hair and scalp regularly

Take care to keep your scalp and hair clean. This won't affect your own appearance, but regular cleaning will undoubtedly increase comfort and prevent bacteria from growing.

After paying attention to the above three points, you can start wearing the wig.

Depending on the type of wig, the applicable modeling is also different. If you are using a u-part wig, you need to make sure your hair is long enough, it can mask the edge position of wig.

In addition, the use of other wigs is to wrap their own hair in the wig cap.

If you wear full lace or 360lacewig, and use the style of combing all the wigs, you can fix the hair and hide it in the upper center of the back of the head. These two base wigs usually use some elastic material in this area, which can ensure that your hair has enough space to store. If your hair is long enough, you can simply tie your hair into a bun, then throw it under the wig cap, put on the wig, and the wig will stretch around the bun.

If you choose lace front wig, you can braid your hair and then wear a wig cap, which will make your hair tighter and closer to the scalp. At the same time, it is convenient for you to clean and maintain your scalp. This method can be relatively convenient and simple, only need to braid the hair into four or five braids.

However, if your hair is very thick, the above methods are not very suitable, then you need to divide your hair into small sections. Each small segment is woven into a flat braids. Finally, simply tie up the braided braids and fix them in the position suitable for fixing the hair as mentioned above, and then you can wear the wig cap.

Using this method, you can ensure that your wig will not be affected by your high density hair, while also making the wig easier to fix.

All wig product bases on are made of elastic material, whether you have long hair or very dense hair, it can be perfectly wrapped in the wig cap.

If you are a wig novice, definitely not to be missed!

Come and choose your favorite wig!

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