How to dye wigs?

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 Large people who wear wigs for many years are not strange for coloring wigs, but it is not easy to dye wigs perfectly. Few customers contacted us before, they can’t dye wigs to the color they want, or they can’t dye wigs evenly. They think this is because of bad quality of wig, actually, it is not right.

Hair dyeing also needs some tips, and today I will share you some tips for it.

As usual, they are two methods to dye hair, first one, mix hair dye and water in proportion, then put hair under the water. The other one, apply suit cream to the wig evenly.

Now I will introduce details of first method, this is simple and fastest.

1. Prepare a pot of boiling water, The heat of the water will speed up the movement of pigment molecules, which will make the wig easier to color and make the color more uniform.

2. Boil water and pour it into a basin. Then squeeze the hair dye into the water and stir thoroughly until the hair dye is completely and evenly mixed in the water.

3. Immerse the wig in water quickly, stir it after being completely immersed, and allow the full phase to fully contact the dye in the water. The effect of stirring is to make the wig dye uniformly.

4. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes, remove the wig and wash off the floating color on it, and blow dry.

Be careful, use conditioner to coat the wig before drying it, to avoid the wig becoming dry due to high temperature.

 Cold air can also be used when drying.

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Let's talk about the second method of dyeing. Use tincture to evenly apply it on the wig, and let it stand for 10-20 minutes to make the color even.

This hair dyeing method is also relatively simple, but it takes more time.

The key to this method of hair dyeing is to apply this step. When applying tincture, the wigs need to be layered first. The number of hairs is not recommended for each application, and 500-800 hairs are best.

Apply from the root. After each part is applied, let it hang down naturally.

In general, you need to apply from the back to the front. The back wig will take longer to dye than the front. After dyeing, a natural bleach will be formed, making the wig look very natural!

During standing, you can use a hair dryer to heat the wig. The principle is the same as the first method to prepare boiling water. The high temperature accelerates the molecular movement and makes it easier to color the wig.

But please note that the wig must be kept moist during the heating process, remember not to blow dry, otherwise the final product will appear uneven in color.

This dyeing method is more suitable for color mixing of wigs. Whether it is T-color or intermediate color, this method can keep the color of other parts clean and fresh.

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In general, both of these dyeing methods are very simple and easy to operate. As long as you master the small techniques, you can make the color uniform and beautiful. blonde wig series is suitable for both types of dyeing. After purchasing blonde color wigs, you can enjoy blonde color wig and dye it to all colors you like, which saves time and more money for a wig.

Don't hesitate, come and buy it!

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