Origin of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming soon, have you prepared gift for your lover?

About Valentine’s Day, there are many stories, I know three most popular stories.

First, it is for lovers and memory of a priest named Sanctus Valentinus.

According to legend, in the third century AD, the ancient Roman empire was in crisis because of the war. In order to win the war, the Roman emperor announced that he had abandoned all marriage promises, so that countless lovers would no longer have the opportunity to enter the marriage hall.

But Sanctus Valentinus refused to give up marriage, he continued wedding for loving couple.

He was peach and died on February 14, 269 A.D., the same day that had been devoted to love lotteries. After many years, it became Valentinue’s Day.

Second, it is from Lupercalia Festival on Rome, by 14th Feb, celebrate the sacrifice to the shepherd god, to pray for good weather throughout the year, and ask the gods to bless people, bless fields, and livestock. Later, with the expansion of the Roman Empire, this festival custom was brought to other European countries.

One of the activities is that young unmarried women write their names on a note and put them in a box. There are young single men coming forward to draw. The selected pair of men and women will become couples in the coming year. Will really fall in love during this time

Later, due to the rise of Christianity, this festival gradually faded away, but the customs persisted and gradually evolved into Valentinus's Day.

The third statement is more scientific and rigorous than the previous two.

According to legend, in the UK, all birds will court on February 14th, so humans also think that this day is the day when all things grow and reproduce, which represents the beginning of life, so they also imitate the choice of birds on February 14th each year companion.

Numerous legends have given this day a mysterious color. On this day, it has become a tradition, and it is also a good day for love between couples.

On this day, men and women in love will give each other gifts, and what gift is the best for Valentine's Day has also become a hot topic forever.

In fact, gifts can be simple, especially gifts that boys give to their beloved girlfriends can be less complicated.

Beauty is a woman's nature. How to become more beautiful is also pursued by all girls. Wigs are one of the most popular gifts today.

With the continuous development of the Internet, all kinds of beautiful shapes are full of social networks, and a good wig is indispensable.

The role of a wig is not how beautiful it is, but the person it decorates. A good wig may be able to unearth the beauty that others have never noticed. This is the favorite romance of girls.

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