How to find your favorite wig?

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More and more people have habit of wearing wigs. In our daily life, we can see many wigs photos or wigs advertisement when we browse social network. When you click advertisement links, most of people can’t search their favorite wig, and many people can’t sure what they need.

Today, I will give you a guide on how to select suitable human hair wigs.

One wig, the first thing catches people’s eyes is the color, colors will decide whether you will be attracted by this wig.

As usual, wigs website will have color category. Such as website, this website has one separate category, it has some normal colors, for example, black, red, blonde, blue, green, burgundy and ombre colors

If you can’t make sure your goal, you can click large category, all colors will be together, it is easy for you to check. If you have made decision, you can click that special category.

color category

Second, suitable curvature .

curvature will decide the shape of this hair wig. For example, if you choose straight, you can create many hair shapes, such as curly, wave, body, natural wave, kinky, yaki curvature. Most customers will choose to buy straight hair products directly, then cut your hairstyle according to your own requirements.

You can also choose the product curvature directly.

The products on the website are permanently curved and the maintenance method is the same as the maintenance of your own hair. The use of conditioner can extend the life of the product.

Third, the length of the product.

Many people pay great attention to the length of hair when buying wigs, and many customers prefer long wigs.

The length of each product is different. The luxhairshop website has a length category that allows customers to find the products they need faster and more accurately.

There are three length ranges in total, less than 18 inches, 18 inch - 24 inch and more than 24 inches, which can be selected directly according to their target length.

Finally, payment method.

You can buy it directly after you have selected the product. If you want more products, you can also add it to your shopping cart.

After entered the shopping cart page for payment, you can leave a note about your requirements of this wig. There is a variety of payment methods, PayPal and Visa.


After the payment is successful, you will receive an email or SNS message of conform orders. Around 1-2 weeks later, you will receive your favorite wigs. provides many new wigs, let's see if they have your favorite wigs

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