What kind of wig would you choose for Halloween?

Halloween is coming, luxhairshop.com has launched a new range of pumpkin color products, from long to short, all kinds of curvature, arbitrary shape, and free to choose.

Among them, two wigs are new arrivals of this season, and they got many good reviews since they were on selling.

One is a body wave style, half black and half orange color, lace front wig, the other one is a black root, and the rest is a pumpkin-colored straight hair wig.

Both wigs are made up of 4*13"lace frontal with woven curtains. The front hairline is natural. After the customer receives the goods, it is easy to wear.

The materials of both two wigs are made of the best quality Peruvian hair, which is fine workmanship, soft and smooth to the touch, no knotting, no hair loss, and can be used continuously for more than six months.

In conjunction with the launch of the new color system luxhairshop, it has promotions on the website during Halloween, includes three codes: INS1, INS2, NEW. Fully $60, $99, $159 available, each order is limited to one code, three or more pumpkin-colored wigs, and a small surprise gift.

orange wigs

In addition to the launch of the pumpkin-colored series of wigs, luxhairshop also launched two series of products now.

The Fuchsia color range and the Closure Wig range.

Fuchsia color series products are divided into two categories, solid color series and mixed color series.

The solid color series is available in three models, Bob, straight hair and curly wave. With lengths from 10 inch to 26 inch, customers can choose wigs according to their requirements.

For ombre colors wigs it has two method, one is light pink at the front end, and the other is half rose and half black.

These models are widely acclaimed in various social interactions. After customers got them, these wigs can be perfectly controlled regardless of the style of clothes.

ambre color wigs

Compared with the lace front wig series, the Closure Wig series has fewer lace parts on the front, from 4*13" frontal to 4*4" Closure, and the rest is sewed with a woven curtain. The hairline is also natural. It is worn in the same way as the lace front wig.

Unlike the Closure Wig on the market, luxhairshop's new Closure Wig is 180% dense, and the price is 10 dollars higher than the 150% Closure Wig, but from the appearance, the wig is better. After that, it is more convenient for customers to choose the shape.

At present, only the black curly Closure Wig is launched on the website, and other color curvature products will be listed one after another.

closure wigs

These two series of wigs are also involved in Halloween promotions, and customers who like these types of wigs can place an order for purchase.

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