Trendy Color of 2019 Autumn - Silver & How to make wigs?


From Summer to Autumn, only few days, it has large changes. It’s time to wear new clothes and new wigs.

The color of wigs has been changed because of climate.

Except popular black mixed blonde color wigs, more and more customers ask for silver wigs.

Before that, luxhairshop has one top selling wig which color is iced blonde. This wig is more like silver color.

silver short bob wig

After enter to Autumn, most customers prefer long wigs. Because many fashion bloggers wear silver wigs, so silver color wig is one trendy.

Silver and blonde are classic, they won’t be outdated. If the golden color still has a little bit of sun-like taste, then the silver will interpret the noble and elegant, with a little cold meaning, but it has a different kind of gorgeous.

Just like blonde color wig, silver wigs also have many styles.

First, it is silver long wigs, no matter white women or black women, they can wear it perfectly. After wearing it, you can cut it to be your favorite hairstyle, all Curvature you can create. Lace front wigs, their hairline is nature, just like your actual hair.

silver color hair

Expect pure silver long hair wig, we also provides one special silver bob wigs, customers who like short hair can choose this one.

Expect pure silver wigs, luxhairshop also offers T-colors wigs, that is silver wig with black root on top, that will be more natural.

If your original hair is black color, this hairstyle is best choice.

After seen these wigs, I think some customers will be confused, are these 100% human hair wigs?

Many customers will have these questions when they purchase wigs, even some customers can’t believe customers’ words. Now I will explain this questions to you.

First, has their own Quality inspection certificate, they can make sure all wigs are 100% human hair (expect some synthetic hair), according to different wigs, they are three material, includes Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair and European Hair.

As usual, light color are all Peruvian hair and European, the original color is blonde color, then dye them to different colors.

Before made wigs, we need to solve these human hair first, arrange hair according to hair Scale smoothly. We need to make sure these hair won’t be deterioration.

After solving these hair, we need to dye them to be normal colors according to our color swatch.

Then, we need to choose suit hair according to customers’ requirements, add hair to lace material one by one, this processing needs long time, because they are handmade. Because of them, the hairline can be natural.

After we finished wigs, we will wash them, make sure these wigs are clean, then add some products that can protect hair. It will let hair to be more wet and paddy.

If customers have special requirements of wigs colors, you can tell us, we will dye them for you.

After these, are you rest assured hair quality?

Silver wigs are on sale, are you ready to be most fashion one?


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