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After a long and happy holiday, the weather is getting colder, also has launched many new types.

But these new products don't meet everyone's needs, so is now on the line with custom features.

Now let me introduce the content about customization.


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The first is the product type.

The product types accepted for customization are the same as the product types classified by the website, toupee, wig and hair extension.

Wigs are all handmade, and the hair extension is made for the machine.

Second, what can be custom made?

As usual, most customers choose custom made cap size, hair color, hair length, mesh material, mesh style, and hair extensions.

Men's wigs are usually 6 inches. If you need a longer hair length, you need extra $20 of each 2 inch.

There are three types of mesh materials for men's wigs, lace, pu and mono.

These three kinds of mesh materials are handmade, and can be matched according to the needs of all customers.

The toupee net area is usually between 8 inches and 10 inches. If you exceed this size, you need to add $20 to $50 in the original price.

The color of the customer order wig can be made according to our existing swatches, as well as customer samples.

The wig customization usually requires more mesh cap size and hair color. The shelves are medium mesh caps with adjustable buckles.

If you need to customize large size, you need to add $40 to the original offer.

Hair extension can be customized with I tip hair extension, tape extension and hair extension with clips.

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Third, customize processing time

These three types of products are produced at different times. Toupee is usually hand-made. The production cycle is usually 9 -10 weeks. If the customer is customized in the peak season, it will take 1-2 weeks to arrange the order production.

Customers who wish to receive the goods quickly can pay an additional fee, an emergency fee of $39, and arrange production immediately after payment. It can be completed in 8 weeks.

For women wigs, the processing will be longer because of density.

The production cycle is generally 9-11 weeks, the same as the toupee production process, and the payment can be completed after 9 weeks of payment.

The hair extension has the shortest production cycle and can vary from 2-3 weeks depending on the customer's needs.

It can be completed in two weeks after paying the expedited fee.

Finally, before the customization, the customer needs to provide the following content before customization.

① The size of the bottom of the wig. Measurements can be made according to the FAQ or the legend below.


② hair length. Every two inches is a length interval, and customers can choose according to their own requirements.

The maximum length of women's products is no more than 30 inches. If there is a longer need, please contact customer service staff.

③ hair color, can be based on the site's existing swatches or customer foster. It can also be made based on social pictures.

④ hair density

men toupee is 130%, women wigs are 150%. but all products can't be more then 200%

after these information, are you ready for custom made wigs for yourself?

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