How to care the wig?

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In the summer of 2019, colorful Bob wig, colorful long straight hair wig, black curl wig lead fashion trendy, many girls share their beautiful photos with wigs on social network such as Instagram, Pinterest. is appeared and catch many people’s eyes, which is committed to producing high-end wigs and providing the best quality customer service.

In the summer, green Bob wigs, blue bob wigs, pink bob wigs and golden bob wigs from are popular in young girls. These four hair wigs are not only bright and novel, but also made breakthrough reforms in the production process. The original lace front wig is changed from the traditional three-inch front to four inches, making it more natural and comfortable to wear, and also increases the hand-made area, making the customer feel more soft.

colors bob wigs

In addition, as the process of making wigs is constantly updated, the styles that can be selected when wearing wigs are beginning to become more diverse, and a wig can have many different shapes.

It is possible to change the shape according to the customer's special requirements, without worrying about whether the wig will be dropped or not.

This also proves that all products from luxhairshop are 100% Human Hair.

colors wigs

Each wig is plucked hairline, which makes the previous head more natural, coupled with the upcoming HD lace, all products will not have a trace after wearing.

Of course, we can’t wear it directly once we got the wig. Except for the hair specially designed by hairdresser, all products need to be cleaned and washed. After the product is dried, it can be trimmed and worn.

And there are several steps in cleaning the wig.

Luxhairshop products are mostly handmade products. The base material of the product is soft lace, so it is necessary to be careful and gentle in cleaning the wig, avoiding tearing the lace to damage the entire wig.

While washing it, use a shampoo to slowly simmer. Allow to stand for 2-3 minutes after frothing and rinse with water. Meanwhile, just as before, gently rub, all the foam need to be cleaned.

Base cleaning can be done with the cleaning of the hair during the cleaning process.

After the cleaning, dry the hair slightly, then use hair conditioner.

Since the product is 100% Human Hair, you need to care the wig same as your own hair. When using conditioner, pls don’t put them on base, avoid the difficulty of wearing and uncomfortable.

After using the conditioner, the customer can choose to blow it directly or dry it after wearing. There is no difference between them, and you can choose according to your preference.

how to wash wigs

If you buy hair extension, the cleaning method is similar to wig, but it is slightly different during drying. The hair extension needs to be dried naturally. Try to avoid drying it with a hair dryer.

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