What to do for Homecoming party?

The hot summer has been gone, and now we will have a cool autumn.

At the same time, homecoming is coming soon.

Presumably many people are ready to show a graceful dance at the ball? However, are you prepared everything?

At the party, everyone wants to catch every one’s eyes and to be queen. Then the beauty is very important. The most important thing is hairstyle. Hairstyle directly determines the temperament of the whole person. Different styles have different combinations.

Below I will introduce the most popular and most popular styles.


One. Fashion type


colors wigs

Recently, luxhairshop.com has introduced several rose, purple and dark blue wigs, different styles, long straight hair and Bob wig, these colors are most popular combination of 2019, half this color, half the other color.

These colors are all styles that will be attracted at a glance. They are eye-catching and have the same effect after wearing, attracting everyone's attention.

The shape can be changed autonomously, but the most suitable shape is the shawl scattered, no need to add too many decorations, after wearing, people have a kind of original beauty.

The makeup can be matched with that style wig, and the dress is the same, which highlights the characteristics of the whole person.

Two. Cute type


pink colors wigs


With a gorgeous nature, you can't be lacking in cuteness. When you think of cute words, people tend to think of pink. That's right, luxhairshop.com naturally also prepares a pink series for homecoming.

The pink products are divided into long and short models. The short types are relatively simple. They are Bob hairstyles, but the types of long models are diversified, and they are divided into products with different curvatures and different shapes.

Among them, long straight hair has been the most popular body wave, and these two curvatures are also the most suitable for wearing pink dresses. After wearing, it seems that the whole person is cute and cute, as if a princess came to the scene.

Such a cute little princess who does not want to invite her to dance?

The makeup with such a wig should be delicate and cute, the color does not need to be too deep, and the makeup is also suitable.

The matching dress is naturally a lovely tutu style. Try this product, you can also transform into a princess on the day.

Three. Elegant style


blonde wigs

Speaking of exquisite elegance, I am afraid that many people will have the words blonde in their hearts, which shows that gold is a timeless color.

It’s just a simple golden color, I’m afraid I can’t attract everyone’s attention at once, but this product is different. The color of this product is the most advanced coloring technique.

The golden roots of the brown roots look delicate and gorgeous, and they look natural when worn. No matter what shape, they can be perfectly controlled.

And the dress that this product can match almost covers all types, as long as you like, you can create any look you want.

Similarly, the production process of this product is also the latest. The front four-inch bud mesh breaks through the limitations of the previous three-inch mesh, making it more comfortable and comfortable to wear. It looks natural and the hair grows like it grows naturally. same.

Which of the above three types is your favorite? Are you starting to prepare for your homecoming now?

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