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How to make closure wigs at home?

closure wig

Now, it is popular to wear wigs, how to select suit wigs has been biggest problem now.

But when you search wigs online, you will find most store has 130% or 150% density wigs, few store may have 180% density, they have been stable.
If you want more think or more thin, you need to wait long time for customize wigs, and price will be higher.

This article will teach you how to make customize wigs at home. You can save more money and time.

For examples, make one straight closure wig.

First, you need to prepare one 5*5 closure, few hair bundles. (these wig extensions, you can purchase from, cheap price)

If you want low density, such as 130% or less, you need to prepare two hair bundles. If you want density to between 150% and 180%, you need to prepare three hair bundles. If you want hair density over 200%, you need to prepare at least 4 hair bundles.

Scissors, clips, black thread, curved needle, a net cap, and a plastic model.
And now, you can start.

closure wigs

Fix closure on wig cap.

Along the edge of the 5*5 closure, fix the four corners with nails at the selected positions, and then stitch them with thread along the edge of the closure.


When doing this step, you must pay attention to fix the closure first, and after stitching one side, remove the fixing nails. No stitches are required at the front hairline. After stitching, the net cap can be removed, and the net cap covering the closure lace is cut off to expose the lace part.

If you don’t understand, you can check following photo.

closure wigs 2021

Next step, sew hair bundles.

Hair bundles need to be sew in the back of wig cap. You need to sew them from down to top, one by one. And pls remember, fix them, sew a circle along the edge line. The unused hair curtain can be folded directly without cutting, and the second layer is sewn.

According to the horizontal length of the hair curtain, the number of rows to be sewn can be estimated, and then evenly distributed on the net cap. When sewing, try to keep the same distance between each row.

Under normal circumstances, the weight of each hair curtain is about 150g, the longer the longitudinal length of the hair curtain, the shorter the horizontal length.

If you only do short hair closure wig, the number of hair curtains used can be reduced.

It should be noted that in the process of sewing up the hair curtain layer by layer, due to the limitation of the shape of the closure, the distance between the edge line and the hair curtain on both sides of the closure and the back of the closure will be different. Use the two sides as the reference to sew. After they are overlapped, cut a small amount of hair curtain to repair the edge line part behind the closure.

lux hair shop closure wigs

After sewing all hair bundles, one perfect closure wig has been finished.
It is easy to make closure wigs at home, but if you want it to be perfect, you need be more patient.

Luxhairshop also provides custom made service, only 5-8 days, you can get your special wigs. If you don’t want to do it by yourself, you can purchase from luxhairshop.

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