Why choose Bob Wigs?

bob wig bob wigs

2020 will be finished soon, Bob Wigs style will be more popular by 2021.

Differ to other wig style, bob wigs are fashion even it has been few years later.

But why bob wigs are so popular?

Luxhairshop make one Questionnaire, there are too many answers.

One answer, it is easy to match clothes, this is biggest reason.

Especially in Winter, people all wear many and heavy clothes, if you wear long hair wigs, it will cause some tangled and dry issue. And you also need to pay more attention to static electricity.

If you wear bob wigs, you don’t need to worry about it. Bob wig is short hair, normal length is around your ear, long one will be your shoulder. This length hair won’t touch your clothes, it won’t have large static electricity. Your hairstyle can keep for longer time. Wearing bob wigs can keep your face more three-dimensional, it bring more summer by this cold winter. Bob Wig will be most suitable for winter.

But it has one more issue, how to select one suitable bob wig? Different wigs will be popular for different time, such as Summer, blue color wigs will be more suit, what about Winter?

bob wigs

First, middle part bob wigs.

Winter is one special season, evaporation is normal problem. Most customers prefer one hairstyle which can keep for long time, it won’t be dry. In this way, middle part wig will be suitable. It is easy to make, and it won’t be changed.

And for middle part wigs, half colored wigs will be more popular. Special color, special hairstyle, easy to wear. And it suits to all wig base, lace front wig, full lace wig, closure wig, even T-part wigs. Luxhairshop.com also has customize service, you can select your favorite base style.

Except half colored wigs, Gradient colors style is popular too.

This style needs to fix top part hair, then perfect following part. You can choose tie your hair up naturally, or use accessories for decoration. The hair in the latter half hangs down naturally, so you don’t need to waste much time to deal with it.

If you don’t like it, you can choose wigs with bangs.

Bob wigs with bangs can make style just like above one, and you don’t need to solve hairline. If it is first tome to wear wigs, bob wigs with bangs will be best choice, it can bring you perfect experience.

bob wigs with bang

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