How to choose Best Wigs?


More and more people begin to wear wigs, they have higher and higher requirements for the quality and appearance of wigs. So what kind of wig is the best?

There are two important points in choosing wig, one is the natural appearance, the other is comfort.

Many people hope wearing wigs can be looked like their own hair. It's not whimsical. Good workmanship can do it.

transparent lace wigs

Bleached knot, baby hair and HD lace or transparent lace are indispensable. The bleached knot makes knot color close to the skin color, to achieve the purpose of hiding. The function of baby hair is similar to it. It can simulate the real growth state of human hair. A little messy will make wig more real.  

The base of a good wig must be lace, which is more transparent and can be better hidden. Because of the soft , it is easier to fit skin.

The comfort of wig is related to the material of hair and base.

Full lace base wig is more comfortable than other type of wig. It can fit head better and is easier to make hairstyle. Full lace wig is more natural by appearance, it is breathful, and will be comfortable even for long time.

Whether you have hair or not, the full lace base wig is easy to wear.

hair wigs

The quality of hair is also important. When you buy a wig, you must buy 100% human hair wig. It is more real on appearance, and it is no tangling, easy to clean and take care. If customers don't like the existing color of wig, human hair wig can also be dyed. And compared to synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs can be applied to any environment. Whether it's in rainy or snowy weather, or swimming pool in outdoor, seaside and other places, you can wear it to travel or play. Hair won't be falling down, react with others.

With above advantage, it can be a great wig. But it is great, not the best, it also needs one popular hairstyle. provides 2021 trendy wigs, all wigs are created by professional hairdresser, 100% human hair, 9A transparent lace & HD lace base. From weaving to dyeing, it is handmade. luxhairshop offers customize service, only two weeks, you can get one special wig, only for you.

ombre wigs

In addition, also provides various series of wigs according to different celebration party.

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