How to deal with the interface of wig?

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At the peak season of wig sales, many customers have customized their own wig on At the same time, many of them are trying to use wig for the first time, and they have many problems when wearing wig.

The most common problem is how to deal with the wig interface.

According to wig base, wig have two types, lace front wig and full lace wig, for lace front wig it can be 4*13, 6*13, 4*4, or 5*5 lace front wigs because of lace part difference.

Full Lace Wigs, whole base is lace material, it is handmade, it has hair clips and adjustment. You can wear it by glue. It is easy to make style.

Lace front wig is created by lace part and hair bundles. For this type wig, it can make any hairstyles same as full lace wig. It is lace part on front, so hairline will be more nature. The price will be cheaper then full lace wigs. But it has one issue, it will have thicker and wider stitch in the stitched part of lace and machine-made hair curtain.

Many customers don’t know how to solve stitch perfectly, when you wear wigs, it will be not nature, that stitch can be seen easily, that will be ugly.

Actually, it is easy to solve it. And it depends on hairstyle, if you choose comb your hair fully back or tie up a ponytail, you don’t need to worry about stitch. These hair can cover stitch.

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If you choose middle part hairline or side part hairline, you need to make stitch more perfectly.

1. Comb all the hair (about one centimeter wide) in front of the stitches and use a straightening board or iron to fix the combed hair to achieve the purpose of covering. If the styling effect is average, you can consider using gel to assist in styling.

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2. Choose a foundation that is the same as your own skin, and use the foundation to cover the stitches, so that after wearing it, the wig will look like your own hair.

Similarly, the front lace and the scalp can also be treated like this, which will make the wig wear better.

3. If you are not good at make-up, I suggest you choose this method.

Matching accessories.

You can choose a headband or hairpin that matches the color of the wig. After styling the wig in the middle or partial part, use the headband to cover the original stitching position. It can cover stitch, also increase the sense of fashion and beauty of the wig. It can match different seasons, festivals and other different occasions and activities, the same wig can create different style.

4. If you don’t want to make it by yourself, you can take wigs to local salon, professional hairdresser will help you, they can make all hairstyles.

The above is about the common methods of processing wig sutures. Do you have any better suggestions for processing wig sutures? Please leave a message below to communicate with us.

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