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How to wear full lace wig?

full lace wig

Now, wearing wigs is more and more popular, customers have more requirement for wigs. They want wig to be more nature, also want it to be easy wear.

Full lace wig is most natural wig, many customers would like to choose this base style, but they will be give up because it is hard to wear. For this wig, it is complicated to wear, and easy falling down.

Actually, it is easy to wear full lace wig, you need to check following tips.

Many customers have same mistake, they all think they should use glue attach all wig base and cap, but you are wrong.

For full lace wigs, you only need to fix base around, you can sew some clips on base. All full lace wigs on luxhairshop are guleless wigs, with clips and adjustment. If you don’t want to make wigs by yourself, you can purchase pre-styled wigs from luxhairshop.

After picked wig, you can wear it now. To be more nature, all wigs need to bleach knows and be preplucked. Pls put bleach powder evenly to lace front, wait few times, wash lace part.

preplucked wig

For preplucked, you need to pick out some hair through comb, then pull these hair out.

Full lace wigs need more time to solve it, because it has large lace part. And don’t forget hair topper part. You can ask profession hairdresser to perfect it for you. After these prepared work, you can start wearing.

First, you need to comb the wig into a ponytail shape, it is easy to solve hairline lace part. Then use styling gel around lace front, make one circle. Wait 5-10 minutes. Cut extra lace material. Perfect hairline with baby hair, you can make your favorite style.

full lace wig

After doing these steps, you can put your hair down, make your hairstyle. For your next wearing, you don’t need to do these steps again, just use some styling gel to fix your hair wig.

In this way, it is easy to wear full lace wigs, what’s your opinion? Pick one full lace wig now.

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