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How to Wash Human Hair Wigs

If you recently purchased a human hair wig, you may be wondering if you should wash it before wearing it for the first time. The answer is yes, the wig should be washed before putting it on. Washing wigs not only removes dirt, dust, or chemicals that have built up during manufacturing or packaging, it also conditions and moisturizes the hair fibers, making them softer and easier to care for. Washing your wig will also give it a more natural look as it allows the hair to develop its natural pattern and style.

Cleaning a human hair wig is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, it's very similar to washing your hair yourself. However, there are some important steps and tips you should follow to ensure your wig stays in good condition and looks natural. Here we list some of the best ways to clean wigs.


  1. Comb the wig before washing the wig. Use a wide-toothed comb or wig brush to gently remove any knots from the wig. Start at the ends of your hair and work your way down to the roots. Be careful not to pull or pull the hair as this may damage the wig cap or cause it to fall out.


  1. Fill a sink or basin with warm water and add a small amount of mild shampoo. You can use a shampoo specially formulated for human wigs, or any mild shampoo that is sulfate-free and ph-balanced. Avoid hot water, as this can damage the cuticle of your hair and cause frizz.


  1. Soak the wig in water and rotate it gently. Do not rub or scrub hair as this can cause tangles. Let the wig soak for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.


  1. Apply conditioner to the wig. You can use a conditioner specially formulated for human hair, or any moisturizing conditioner that doesn't contain silicones or alcohol. Avoid using conditioner at or near the roots, as this can loosen knots and cause hair to fall out. Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water.


  1. Gently squeeze excess water out of the wig. Do not twist the hair as this can damage the wig or cause it to break. You can towel dry your hair, but don't rub or scrub your hair with a towel.


  1. Place the wig on a wig stand or fake head to air dry. You can let the wig air dry on a wig stand, or you can use a blow dryer to lower the temperature. You can use a wide-toothed comb or wig brush to comb your wig while it's wet, but don't comb your hair when it's completely dry, as this can lead to frizz and split ends.


  1. Enjoy a clean, fresh wig! You can use a styling product like hairspray or gel to add texture to the wig and make the wig look stickier, but don't use too much as this can make the hair sink and look greasy. You can also use heated tools like curling irons or hair straighteners to create different wig looks, but don't overheat, as this can damage your hair and shorten its lifespan.
  2. How often should the wig be washed. The answer depends on several factors, such as how often you wear your wig, the type of product you use, and how much sweat and grime it has accumulated. But under normal circumstances, wear a wig once a day for 7-10 days, and occasionally wear it for 3-5 days.


Cleaning your wig is an important part of maintaining its quality and appearance. By following these simple steps and tips, you can keep your wig looking beautiful and natural for a long time.



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