Its summer vacation now, are you still worried about not having the right hair style?

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Summer is a good time for a holiday on the beach. Elegant designed  beach swimsuit is a must-have item for girls .Almost every lady who travels dressed beautifully and fascinating.

However the holiday is not only just a holiday for ladies, but it’s also for gentlemen. Baldness is pain for some who cares their looks.

Now they don’t need to worry about that any more.

Luxhairshop's latest toupee has become a gospel for countless men.

Let us take a look at these popular products.

full lace men toupeepu base men toupee

As the saying goes, the amateur focus on the appearance while the expert focus on the cores

The material of a toupee is important, and the base material is essential besides the hair quality.

Luxhairshop has three most popular material, Q6, full lace and thin silicone.

The base construction of the Q6 is made of  French lace top with around PU. This can be fixed with tape on the back PU part. The front part is fixed with glue, and the hairline is very natural.

Thin skin design is the most suitable for the skin. It is made of PU, injection, single knot and V-knot. It is natural and beautiful.

Full lace is  made of French lace, which is breathable and suitable for summer wear. Similarly, this full french lace design is also the most popular one this year, and is loved by the majority of men.

The color of the toupee is also important, but the toupee of the man is slightly more monotonous than the color of the wig for girls. The most popular one for this summer is #3 (brown), and men can choose their favorite hair color from

size chart

After introducing the basic structure of the toupee, it is necessary to talk about the most crucial step- how to wear a toupee.

The first step to wear a toupee is to choose the size you need.

Most of the stock products are standard sizes, not suitable for everyone, so you need to measure your own size

As the picture shows.

size chart online

After the size measurement, trim the base according to the size you need.

We recommend to use the glue to fix the front hairline, which makes the hairline looks very natural. If it is a PU base, it can also be fixed with tape.

For the base lace material, we do not recommend the use  tape, there may be problems that cannot be fixed.

Fixed the base, now we are going to start modeling.

Luxhairshop's products are basically 100% human hair, so you can use any kind of product for hair care, using gel to fix the shape.

luxhairshop men toupee

If you are not 100% sure about the modeling,we suggest you find a hairdresser to trim it. The toupee after trimming can be used for 3-6 months, but be careful not to damage the base material excessively.

The above are some of the problems you need to pay attention to when wearing a man's toupee.

 Do you understand it?

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