Best Wigs for Sweetheart kids

“I’m really about building confidence, not tearing children down,” by Bohannon “They deserve to feel like everyone else.”

As we all know, kids are hope of futher, we should protect them, let them happy, but now, they all sad because of hair loss. I don't know, why hair loos is appeared, maybe genes or heredity, or anything more serious

But we need to solve it, right? But, how to solve it? This is biggest question.

I have seen many reports, more and more doctores are studying and searching the reason of hair lost, but they didn't find anything useful, they can't let the hair grow up again, and now, they can't give one perfect plan for hair loss. It is bad news, but i believe, they have done their best. Aren't they?


If we can't solve hair loss, we can let it go, we can wear wigs, we also have beautiful hairstyle. But for wigs quality, it is very important. It is for kids, we need and must use highest quality hair, 100% human hair is better. And for kids, we should use soft hair, so they won't heart kids skin, becuase they need health.


Because of it, Lux Hair Shop is appeared. All customers know, we can accept custom made, your size is larger, or smaller, we can do it for you.
For base styles, we pay more attentions to kids, because their Overhead is different of adult. So we need mom to measure the size carefully, so we can perfect the wig for their kids.
And now, we have summer promotion, free shipping to everywhere, we want to help all kids.
Pls remember, if it is for your kids, pls contact our customer service first, we will reply you in 12 hours, and solve all issue for you.
‘I can’t take the horrible disease away, but I can do something. I can bring some light into cancer patients’ lives and help provide a magical escape during an otherwise dark and difficult time.’ -by our cute manager Lisa

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